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We love a clean home.

We are detailed oriented and pay attention to details that sometimes we have a blind eye too. Its normal to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, and we can admit to ourselves we sometimes just don't have enough hours in the day. After work everyone enjoys a clean space to come home and relax in !! WE PLEDGE to you a clean home and to check off your chore list, Leaving you to spend your time doing what matters most too you.

Laundry Services



A one time $39 membership for the whole year. when you buy a membership you will receive 4 hampers delivered to your home in 3 business days with your laundry slips which contains your itemized clothes list and washing preferences. One of our trained washers will verify your itemized list with you before and after delivery. You will receive text message notifications on your laundry washing process. There is $2.99 service charge for 3 hampers or less. 4 hampers or more service fee is waived.

$10 per load of laundry.

Frequently Asked Questions!

when will my membership arrive?

A- membership kits typically arrive in 3-6 business days after signing up.


Q: Is there a delivery fee?

A: Delivery and pick-up are free! However, we do charge a service fee of $2.99 for orders of 3 hampers or less. If you have more than 4 loads the service fee is waived.

Q; Can I tip my washer?

A; If you had a great experience we absolutely recommend tipping your washer. 

Q; What if I need more than 4 hampers?

A: we sell additional $10 dollars each. If you need more hampers please reach out to Perfect Cleaners.

Q: How soon will I get my laundry back?

A: You will receive text notifications on the status of your Hampers wash process. Next day delivery is guaranteed. Washed and folded.

Q: How much clothing fits into a hamper?

A: 1 hamper = 1 load of laundry we recommend leaving some space at the top --Overstuffing can prevent your clothes from being cleaned well. If it's too much for your personal washer and dryer, It will be too much for our washers equipment.

**PLEASE NOTE: if the washer arrives and your hamper is overstuffed, They reserve the right to refuse your order, and you will incur a $2.99 cancellation fee.

Q: What about stains or color sorting?

A: You handle that on your end! Just sort your laundry into separate loads and fill up your hampers, You decide what gets washed together. If you have stains or need something treated, We recommend that you pre-treat it before adding it into a hamper.

Q; Can any item be put into my hamper?

A:If you would put it in your washer or dryer, it is likely that we can also handle it. However, we do have some limitations on what we can process, including: Pillows, Comforters, Curtains Commercial linens – including event table cloths, Sofa covers Area rugs, Sleeping bags 

We also cannot accept items that have been contaminated with: Bodily fluids from a human or pet, Excessive pet hair, Moisture if the item is still wet or damp,  Contains Bedbugs or lice, Poison ivy or poison oak oils, Cooking grease or motor grease, Hazardous chemical residue, Excessively soiled items or items with caked-on mud or dirt, Specialty care clothing items Wedding dresses, Costumes Hats/Headwear, Shoes If your bag is overstuffed, the washer reserves the right to refuse your order upon pick up.

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