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Our Services

We specialize in verity of general household cleaning and services. Which includes Basic cleaning services, Deep cleaning services, Moveout services, Dishwashing services and also Laundry services. Our goal is to make life more enjoyable by doing the things that matter most to you.


Laundry Services

A one time $39 membership for the whole year. when you buy a membership you will receive 4 hampers delivered to your home in 3 business days with your laundry slips which contains your itemized clothes list and washing preferences. One of our trained washers will verify your itemized list with you before and after delivery. You will receive text message notifications on your laundry washing process. There is $2.99 service charge for 3 hampers or less. 4 hampers or more service fee is waived.

$10 per load of laundry


Bronze Package

•Making of all beds• Changing of linens •Dusting all surfaces •Empty kitchen sink/ load dishwasher • Clean kitchen counters and backsplash• Wipe down all kitchen appliances• Clean shower and tubs• Clean toilets •Wipe down bathroom countertops and cabinets •Vacuum• Sweep •Mop• Tidy up living quarters •


Silver Package

•Dust/Vacuum/mop •Wash Bedding/Throw blankets /Pillow covers• Make all beds• Change all Linens• Wash Linens• Clean ceiling fans• Clean garbage can bins• Wash/Rinse/load dishwasher• Clean inside oven• Wipe down counters and Cabinets •Clean sink and faucets• Clean all kitchen appliances• Clean Baseboards and Doorframes• Check/Change batteries in Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors• Clean grout• Scrub liners/Wash shower curtains• Clean all mirrors• Clean toilets base/interior/tank• Clean electronics• Clean remotes• Tidy up living quarters• 


Gold Package

•Includes(2) loads of laundry wash• dry• fold "In Home"

•Clean off Electronics• Wipe down remotes• Vacuum couches• Wash pillow covers

/throw blankets• Mop• Vacuum• Clean windows and window frames• Clean ceiling fans •Clean blinds and wash curtains •Clean grout •Scrub liner and wash shower curtain's •Wash small rugs• Clean all mirrors• Clean sinks and Faucets• Clean shower fixtures •Clean tub/deep scrub• Clean soap dispensers• Clean toothbrush holder• Clean backsplash• Change out linens• Make all beds• Wash old linens •Organize closet• Rotate mattress• Wash pillow covers •Wash• Rinse• Load dishwasher• Clean inside and outside microwave• Clean inside fridge• Organize cabinets• Clean outside of cabinets• Clean inside oven• Clean trash bins •Take out trash


Take a break for yourself 

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Bronze Package

Membership prices

When you choose a membership service you are automatically enrolled into our membership prices.

Monthly Service


Per Month

Best Package Offer

4-5 hour session




Bi-weekly Service


Per 2 weeks

Best for General Upkeep

3 hour session




Weekly Services


Per week

Best for Busy Homes

2hr session




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